Caravan has mastered the medium of the digital age to provide top-tier digtial services, create industry disrupting digital products, and provide a competitive advantage to our clients.


We love what we do, and we love to do it for some of the best clients and the best agencies in the world

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Here is a sampling of our work, spanning many disciplines, and servicing many industries

  • Machine Learning
  • eCommerce
  • Operations
Gagosian Gallery
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile
  • Operations
Kasmin Gallery
  • Mobile
  • eCommerce
  • Operations
  • Mobile
  • Operations
  • Mobile
  • Operations
Stella McCartney
  • Mobile
Robert Motherwell
  • Mobile
Vice Media
  • Systems
Museum of American Finance
  • Mobile
  • eCommerce


How Caravan can help you?

Virtual Tech Team

Don't want to hire a full staff of digital marketers, social experts, certified developers and cloud specialists? Hire Caravan and only pay for what you need. Avoid the learning curve and get back to growing your business knowing all of your technical needs are met. Give your investors, your employees, and your customers peace-of-mind by buying access to some of the best design, product, and technical talent in the USA.

Product Design

Aesthetics and user experience are everything. Working in the digital medium is our forte, and creating experiences into beautiful designs is our art. We have designed extraordinary experiences for brands such as Gagosian, Kasmin Gallery, Ed Ruscha, Walter de Maria, Stella McCartney, Intel, Levis, Vice, Voss, and many, many more!

Cloud Infrastructure

Working in the cloud is imperative these days. Security, redundancy, scalability, and cost effectiveness are all key benefits of working with cloud-based infrastructures. Caravan is a certified Amazon Web Services solution provider and specializes in designing cloud-based systems that deliver ROI at many levels. We have experience managing production ready software applications utilizing Kubernetes, micro-service architectures, continuous deployment, serverless architectures, and high volume database infrastructures.

Technical Consulting

The Caravan team has saved our clients millions of dollars by avoiding bad decisions and educating our clients about the costs and ROI of solutions to problems. From process optimizations, to doing technical and security audits, the Caravan team can deconstruct your business and provide the right solution to improve your business.

Enterprise Software

Caravan has built and maintained software that operates for many many years. We have built software used to automate processes, manage events and internal tasks. We have also developed Machine Learning workflows to predict and augment customer actions resulting in a 23% increase in sales for one of our clients.


The Caravan team are experts at building and maintaining Ecommerce stores. Our ecommerce operations have made millions of dollars for our clients. Caravan will design and build you a world class shopping experience to maximize conversions. Caravan can also provide logistical and operational support, giving you the ability to scale your operation from one sale to millions.

The Caravan Team

Caravan Interactive is full of smart & bright people, experienced in many discipines. On a regular basis, we get asked to do something that has never done before... and we love it.

To work at Caravan, drop us a line at

Frank McDermott
Co-Founder, CEO

Writing his first software program in 1993, Frank pursued his passion for software development wholeheartedly at the start of the Internet age. This passion led Frank to graduate with a BS degree in Computer Science from RPI in 2000.

Since then, Frank has launched 100s of sites, 50+ apps, 10s of digital products, launched nine businesses (4 for himself), delivered a line of high-end beverages to market, and consulted in the finance and technology industries.

Interested in learning more? Please visit LinkedIn, and

Jim Fenner
Digital Strategist

Jim has had the fortune to translate an inability to sit still into a rewarding profession. A graduate of Northwestern and Columbia University, Jim's 15 years of professional experience spans educational consultancy, writing and designing for international publications, leading high-value marketing campaigns, digital project and product management for clients in higher ed, healthcare, finance, retail, presentation-tech and much more.

At Caravan Interactive, Jim specializes in end-to-end client support - both in the production of deliverables and the coordination of Caravan's exceptionally talented software experts. As a former classroom teacher and presenter, Jim enjoys his role as a communicator, setting clear goals for the Caravan team and ensuring clients are informed and educated every step of the way.

Off the clock, Jim is a passionate environmentalist, musician, and father. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Dwayne Jones
Senior Engineer

Dwayne is a software Engineer with over 8 years experience working in Backend Systems, Scaling Analytics Platforms, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Dwayne has also led and grown senior engineering and product management teams. His work is at the intersection of AI/ML, Infrastructure and High Performance Computing. Dwayne also loves coaching aspiring and Junior engineers and has helped place many into their first roles at Fortune 500 companies and startups.

Hugo Samaoya
Senior Cloud Engineer

"DevOps before DevOps" is a statement associated with Hugo's career. For the past 20 years, Hugo has worked on projects for Google, Anthem, McAffee, Facebook, American Express, Symantec, Deutsche Telekom, HBO, Showtime, Marvel Studios, and Netflix. He loves automation and working with the latest technologies. Hugo has extensive experience working with large scale cloud infrastructures, and managed kubernetes, docker swarm, docker environments on all major cloud vendors.

John McCombs
Senior Magento Engineer

John is a Senior Web Developer with nearly 10 years of experience in creating highly custom Magento websites. John is an expert in Magento Commerce (Enterprise), Commerce Cloud, and Open Source (Community). John has customized nearly every aspect of Magento and debugged some of it's deepest layers to determine how to implement the one line of code that solves the root issue rather than the 100 lines of code that treat the symptom

Andrei Fedianov
Senior Software Engineer

Andrei is a proven software engineer who is well versed in creating and supporting cloud-native web applications. Andrei is a certified AWS solutions architect.

Project Team
The Best and Brightest

Each project that Caravan takes on is unique, and multi-disciplinary. Over the course of the project, the needs and skillsets will change. Caravan keeps a roster of design and development teams and individuals who are best in their specific skillset. Our core team ensures the quality and precision that our clients come to expect from Caravan. We work with the best designers, the best developers and the best engineers to bring our client's vision to life. Our project teams are custom built for your project and are orchestrated with the precision of a master conductor of a symphonic orchestra.


The Caravan team is here to help you
navigate how technology is impacting your business.

Hire us to help operate your business, build your next innovation, or increase your competitive advantage in the marketplace.